Construction progress

Congratulations on purchasing your lot at 1881 Tullimbar.

Stay informed with the progress of the construction at 1881 Tullimbar, allowing you to effectively plan the building of your new home.

Understanding the land development process

The land development process sometimes can seem complex to understand, from turning the first soil to installing essential services, all the way to subdivision certificate and title registration, so we have created a video to help explain the process.

Essential documents to help your build

  • Design Approval Process & Guideline

    These building guidelines form part of our commitment to creating a community that is a great place to live, both now and well into the future.

    These guidelines apply to all dwellings to be built and will form part of the contract you enter into when you purchase land at 1881 Tullimbar.

    These regulations are strictly aesthetic in their intent. In no way does compliance with these regulations exempt a structure from compliance with local authority requirements.

    These building guidelines spell out how houses can be part of an attractive street and a great neighbourhood. There are several elements to the guidelines, which together define the character or ‘essence’ of 1881 Tullimbar.

    Download for Stage 1X

    Download for other Stages

  • First Home Buyer Information Sheet

    For those embarking on their first home buying journey, the 1881 Tullimbar First Home Buyers Information Sheet gives a little more information to help you better understand the NSW First Home Owners Grant and the NSW First Home Buyers Assistance scheme.


  • Masterplan

    The overarching vision for 1881 Tullimbar, including the placement of homes, roads and local amenities. Please click on the icon to download.